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How often can I change the distribution of the contribution amounts among the funds within the pension plan?

In the Private Pension System, there are pension plans as products, and pension investment funds within each pension plan. Within the plans that you choose based on your income preference, the contribution payments that you make are invested in the pension funds that are available in that particular plan in the ratio that you determine. In other words, 30% of your contribution amount within the pension plan can be invested in the A fund, 50% in the B fund and 20% in the C fund.
Following your enrollment in a pension plan, you are entitled to change the distribution of your contribution amount among the funds or your pension plan for a maximum of 4 times a year, and change the company once a year.
The 7 funds that are offered by Garanti Pension appear within the pension plans in various combinations. There are lower and upper limits for funds within each pension plan. According to the legislation, these limits are determined as follows:
A minimum of 30% of the contribution amount paid to any pension plan is invested in funds composed predominantly of government debt securities, and a maximum of 15% is invested in funds composed of foreign securities.
The investment strategies offered by Garanti Pension can be viewed through the Private Pension link under the Products menu.

  1. In what investment instruments do the pension companies invest the contribution payments that I make?

    The pension companies must offer you at least 3 different pension funds for you to choose among.

  2. When are the contribution payments made and when are they channeled into investments?

    While the contribution payments can be automatically made through your credit card or bank account, they may also be made through EFT/Money Transfer or as cash payments at the bank.

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