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How much deduction is applied over the contribution amounts in the Private Pension System?

All deductions that can be applied within the Private Pension System are determined by the upper limits in the Private Pension Legislation.
A maximum of 8% of your contribution payments can be deducted as administrative fee, and a maximum of ten-thousandth of your accumulated funds can be deducted as the fund management fee.  Furthermore, the additional total fees that can be deducted as special service fee cannot exceed one fourth of the monthly gross minimum wage within the year. At the time of enrollment, the pension companies may demand an admission fee, provided it does not exceed the monthly gross minimum wage.
For further information regarding the deductions applied on our products, you can view the details of our Pension Plans from the Products menu.

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  2. When are the contribution payments made and when are they channeled into investments?

    While the contribution payments can be automatically made through your credit card or bank account, they may also be made through EFT/Money Transfer or as cash payments at the bank.

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