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Do I continue to earn bonus/miles for my OGS/KGS automatic payment order carried out through my credit card?

You continue to earn bonus, miles or MR points for your automatic payment order carried out through your credit card.

  1. What are the channels that I can carry out OGS/KGS transactions? If I apply for OGS/KGS through Alo Garanti, do I have to go the a Garanti bank branch to sign an agreement?

    To maintain a positive balance in your OGS device or KGS card, please make sure to have sufficient balance in your account or available limit in your credit card.

  2. Besides the primary credit card, which cards can be used to place an automatic payment order for OGS/KGS? How does the automatic payment order for OGS/KGS work?

    An automatic payment order can also be placed through supplementary cards, virtual cards or debit cards.

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