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What is Minibank? What are the features and advantages of Minibank account?

Garanti Mini Bank is a special package comprised of products that makes it possible for you to invest in your child's future today.
Children who are Garanti Mini Bank members enter into the world of cartoon heroes whom they know very well. As a start, colorful gifts that have the pictures of these heroes on them are sent to the children. Moreover, each child who becomes a Garanti Mini Bank member is given a Garanti Mini Bank Card with his/her name on it. This card is also the membership card for the Garanti Mini Bank Kids Club. Thus your child is provided with numerous advantages. For example, this year, wall calender with game for all Garanti Mini Bank members, from Mini Bank.

  1. How can I view my accounts or credit cards on Internet Banking? What is the time period for which I can view my account activities online? How can I find out the result of my overdraft account application?

    To open your current or time deposit accounts and your credit cards for use in Internet Banking, you need contact the nearest Garanti Bank branch.

  2. Can I open and close accounts via Internet Banking? Can I make account definitions or account changes for my Paracard?

    You can open time deposit accounts, linked to your branch or branches, via Internet Banking in TL and foreign currency types for which you have a current account.

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