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Which TurkDex contracts can I trade online? What are my position limits?

The TurkDex contracts which you can trade online and the maturity months are determined over the most liquid contracts and maturity months on TurkDex.

Contracts that you can trade:

Index 30 futures contracts, and  Dollar and Euro currency futures contracts can be traded. The maturity months which you can trade are: two maturity months closest to the current month for Dollar and Index contacts, and one  maturity month closest to the current month for Euro contracts.
Example: The maturities on TurkDex Index contracts  which you can trade online in the month of May are the 2 closest maturity months which are June and August.
Position limits for TurkDex contracts traded online:
5 units for Index 30 TurkDex contracts;
20 units for Dollar TurkDex Contracts;
10 units for Euro TurkDex Contracts.
To carry out transactions with larger amounts, you can call our Investment Centers.

  1. How can I place a buy order for the fund? Can I place a buy order in the interim period?

    You may place your buy orders between the hours of 09:00 and 18:00 on the announced demand collection days, and until 12:00 on the last day.

  2. What is a 40 session order?

    While orders for only 1 or 2 sessions can be placed in the buy/sell step, you can place orders for a minimum of 3 sessions in the morning session, and a minimum of 2 sessions in the afternoon session, with a maximum of up to 40 sessions.

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