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What is a transaction fingerprint? What happens to my password if I begin using the mobile signature? If I have a Şifrematik or a Cep Şifrematik, what happens to them?

For every electronic signature that is to be signed, a unique fingerprint that serves as that transaction's verification code is generated.
For your safety, before entering your electronic signature on the relevant screen of Internet Banking, please make sure that the fingerprint sent to your mobile phone is identical to the fingerprint shown on the login page of Internet Banking.
If you do have a mobile signature, you can use your mobile signature, as well as the single use PINs generated by your Şifrematik or Cep Şifrematik when logging on to Internet Banking.
Regarding logging in to Internet Banking, Mobile Signature is not an alternative to the Şifrematik or Cep Şifrematik. Rather, it's a method that is to be used in parallel to these methods. The single use PINs that are generated by Şifrematik or Cep Şifrematik don't lose their validity when you begin using your Mobile Signature.

  1. What should I do to make Internet Banking more secure? What is the Verification Code and the Security Picture?

    Verification Code is an application that enables the owner of the account to control and verify the transaction data for the EFT transactions made through Internet Banking.

  2. How can I log on to Internet Banking using only my Mobile Signature? If I transfer my mobile number to another service operator, can I still use my Mobile Signature without experiencing any problems?

    On the Internet Banking page, by changing the settings on the Mobile Signature section of the Dashboard Settings step, you can begin logging on to Internet Banking using your Mobile Signature.

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