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How do I apply for a Mobile Signature? Can I use it on the same mobile phone that I use Cep Şifrematik? Where can I consult for information after my application gets approved or if I experience some problems when logging on to Internet Banking?

You can apply for a Mobile Signature using the Garanti Internet Banking. If your mobile phone information is incomplete, you can register your mobile phone with the bank system from any Paramatik or Garanti Bank Branch. To update other information, you must go to a Garanti Bank branch.
You can use your mobile signature on the same mobile that you use Cep Şifrematik, or on any Turkcell or Avea subscribed line.
You can use it with any mobile that has a subscribed Turkcell or Avea line.
After your request gets approved and is transferred to the Mobile Signature system, regarding any questions or problems that you might experience when logging on to Internet Banking, please contact Turkcell Customer Services by calling 444 0 532 or 444 0 535 if you are a Turkcell subscriber, or Avea Customer Services by calling 444 1 500 if you are an Avea subscriber.

  1. What should I do to make Internet Banking more secure? What is the Verification Code and the Security Picture?

    Verification Code is an application that enables the owner of the account to control and verify the transaction data for the EFT transactions made through Internet Banking.

  2. What do I need to do in order to begin using my Mobile Signature on the Garanti Internet Banking? How can I log on to Internet Banking?

    First of all, you have to submit an application by logging on to Internet Banking and going to the Dashboard Settings step PIN / Password section Definition for Quick Loign with Mobile Signature.

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