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What is WAP? Through which operators and telephone models can I login to Can I also login abroad?

WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is a wireless communication standard that enables mobile users to access internet via wireless mobile devices.
You can login to through your Turkcell, Avea or Vodafone mobile line.
You can use with phones that support WAP and WEB or can establish WLAN connection.
You can login to through your foreign operator line from all countries , or through your Turkcell / Avea / Vodafone line from countries that your operator has roaming agreements with.

  1. What should I do if I don't see my account or credit card that I want to take action with in Mobile Banking?

    The accounts that you can take action with in Mobile Banking are the same as the ones in Internet Banking.

  2. How Can I Get Assistance If a Problem Arises While Using Internet Banking?

    If you need help or want to get detailed information about internet banking, you can call 444 0 333 Alo Garanti and press 9 for English, then follow appropriate steps.

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