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How can I correct an incorrect transaction that I have performed? How can I get the receipt of the transaction that I have performed?

For all your transactions except bill payments, tax payments, loading units and stock transactions, you can request correction by calling 444 0 333. For bill and tax payments, you need to contact your branch on the same day. For incorrect unit loading transactions, you need to contact your service provider with the receipt of the transaction.
You can display the receipts of all transactions that you have performed within the last 1 year, and if you wish you can have them sent to your e-mail address.  You can view the receipt of the transaction that you want through the “Receipt” step or the  “Account Activities” step of the “My Accounts” menu. When you need, you can also get the signed receipts of the transactions that you have performed via Garanti Internet Banking or 444 0 333 Alo Garanti from your branch.
Additionally, from the Accounts / Receipt step, you can get the receipts of the transactions (transactions performed at branch counters) that you have performed without using your accounts.

  1. Which transactions can I perform via Internet Banking? Is there a fee for these transactions? How can I pay my bills?

    TL 0,80 for money transfer transactions, regardless of the amount. TL 2,50 for EFT transactions and payments of other bank credit card debts regardless of the amount

  2. For which organizations can I make online bill payments? What are the agreement entry periods?

    The information of the bill with automatic payment order can be viewed at least 1 day before the payment due date.

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