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For what date is the principal protection objective valid? How is it achieved?

The principal protection objective is only valid for investors who hold their participation shares until the announced maturity date. At maturity, investors who want to exit the fund may exit over the fund's value calculated for the relevant period.
To ensure the protection of the principal, t-bills or government bonds with about 1 year to maturity are purchased. With the remaining amount, an options contract compatible with the maturity date of the fixed income security is purchased.


  1. How can I place a buy order for the fund? Can I place a buy order in the interim period?

    You may place your buy orders between the hours of 09:00 and 18:00 on the announced demand collection days, and until 12:00 on the last day.

  2. What is a 40 session order?

    While orders for only 1 or 2 sessions can be placed in the buy/sell step, you can place orders for a minimum of 3 sessions in the morning session, and a minimum of 2 sessions in the afternoon session, with a maximum of up to 40 sessions.

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