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Which transactions can I perform with the Garanti Bank Virtual POS?

Pre-authorization, final authorization, outright sales, layaway sales, consumer loan sales/query, recurring sales, cancellation, refund by reference, free refund, down-payment, postponing, end-of-day, using bonus, earning bonus, open/closed batch statistics, transaction query, up-to-date documentation, new end-of-day, transmission of extra information, test transactions, report download transactions can be carried out.

Infrastructure of the Virtual POS

As payment infrastructure, Garanti Bank uses the ClearCommerce Engine software that enables the full automation of electronic sales transactions. The  ClearCommerce Engine software is a SSL-based real-time payment system. Especially designed for electronic commerce service providers (CSPs), ClearCommerce Engine provides POS Hosting facility. By being installed on a single server, it enables the integration of thousands of member merchants. Being a dependable, scalable, high-performance software, ClearCommerce Engine's most important features that separate it from other payments systems are advanced card fraud protection and detailed reporting systems. With ClearCommerce Engine's flexible fraud mechanism, while member merchants can perform standard controls such as checking card numbers, duplicate orders (ordering of the same product more than once within 24 hours), IP addresses sent with fake credit card numbers, they can also determine their own protection settings. With a comprehensive reporting capability based on the reporting of all transactions on a time and a transaction basis, member merchants can effectively control manage their stores. With its modular structure that provides easy installation and usage, PayWorks is one of the most preferred payment systems in the world.  

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