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Where and for whom can I apply for a supplementary card? Do supplementary cards benefit from the same features?

You can apply for a supplementary card via 444 0 333 Alo Garanti, 444 0 334 Alo Bonus and through all Garanti Bank branches by filling out the “Supplementary Card Application Form”. If you are an Internet Banking user you can make an application without having to fill out your personal information again.
You can apply for a supplementary card for anyone aged over 18. For those between the ages of 16-18, a letter of consent from the legal guardian is required. The supplementary card applications are restricted to 10 people.

  1. What is express limit (Consumer loan limit)?

    Express Loan is a loan product, independent from your credit card limit.

  2. How can I pay my credit card debt automatically?

    You can place an order for the credit card payment to be collected from your account.

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