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What do I have to do if my card is lost or I forget my PIN? How long does it take for the new card to reach me? Where can I submit my requests for Limit/Address changes?

In the case that your card is lost, you have to report the situation by calling Alo Garanti or contacting your branch. Your card will be delivered to your branch or to your address within one week.

You need to submit your PIN change request to your branch. Your new PIN will be delivered to you within one week.

You can submit your requests regarding limit and address changes to your branch. 

  1. For which expenditures can I use my company card? Where else, besides my company expenditures, can I use my company card?

    You can use your Garanti company cards for all your purchases that you make for your company.

  2. Which one of the Garanti Company Cards suit me the best? How can I apply for this card and is there an annual fee for it?

    By answering our survey, you can find out the most suitable card for your company.

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