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What are the advantages offered by my Money Visa at Migros and group supermarkets?

You can shop for free at Migros and group supermarkets by using both the Money points and the Bonus you have accumulated.

With Money Visa, you can have 4 times more benefits than the other credit cards when shopping at Migros, Tansaş, Şok, 5M Migros and Macrocenter stores. You can also use your Money Visa outside Migros and group supermarkets as it is also  Bonus Card.

With your supplementary card, you can take advantage of discounts, accumulate Money points and earn surprise free shopping opportunities. However you can transfer money points between the main card and the supplementary card.

  1. How Can I Obtain My *PASSWORD?

    If you have a valid Garanti Bank Credit Card or Paracard, internet/mobile banking password can be received with your Customer Number or National ID number of TC together with your card's password and your mobile phone number which is registered in the bank's system.

  2. I receive my account summary late / don't receive my account summary. How can I keep track of my debt to prevent late payments?

    Your account summary is sent to your statement address the day after the account statement date.

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