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Our company is a small establishment and I have a personal credit card. Why would I need a business card?

By using a company card, you can easily separate your personal expenditures and your business expenditures. Furthermore your expenditures will be processed from your company account, not your personal account. Additionally, with reporting any many other features you can keep your company expenditures under control and direct them as you like.

To use a company card, you don't have to be large company. All companies have fixed expenditure items. By paying for travel, accommodation, representation, entertainment and even office expenditures with your company credit card, you can take advantage of all benefits. (Do not forget, being a large company requires accurately operating systems.)

  1. How are the purchases I make abroad reflected on the statement?

    While the original amounts of the purchases made abroad appear on the statements, you can view the TL equivalents on the TL statement.

  2. Which one of the Garanti Company Cards suit me the best? How can I apply for this card and is there an annual fee for it?

    By answering our survey, you can find out the most suitable card for your company.

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