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What are the interest rates in effect for the company cards?

If you pay off your entire statement debt by the payment due date (excluding cash advance transactions), no interest is charged.

In the case that you do not pay off your entire debt, the contractual rate of interest that will be applied is 4,93%. In the case of late payment, an interest rate of 5,95% will be applied.

In the Joint Card system, a monthly interest rate of 4,39% is applied for the remaining debt if the card holders do not make payments or make partial payments by the payment due date.

  1. How can I use the points accumulated on my card?

    You can use your accumulated points based on the type of your card.

  2. How are the purchases I make abroad reflected on the statement?

    While the original amounts of the purchases made abroad appear on the statements, you can view the TL equivalents on the TL statement.

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