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How can I use the points accumulated on my card?

You can use your accumulated points based on the type of your card.

Bonus Business Card: You earn extra bonus on purchases you make with your Bonus Business Card from Bonus merchant partners. As the company management, you can combine the bonus accumulated through Bonus Business Cards used by your employees on one card and use them on free shopping to cut down company expenditures.

S&M Business Card: You earn free miles on all purchases you make with your Shop&Miles Business Card. Additionally, Shop&Miles Business Card offers you the opportunity to earn extra miles on purchases you make from participating merchant partners. Your accumulated miles get you free THY tickets for both your domestic and international travels.

Corporate Card: The points you earn on purchases made within the Company Points program turn into gifts. All your purchases made with your Garanti Business Card or Garanti Corporate Card are combined as Company Points on a single card determined by you. With these points, you can choose among the products in the Company Cards  Points Catalog,  compiled by taking into account your office needs. All you have to do is to fax the information of the person/persons who will be making the gift requests on behalf of your company to (0-212) 657 21 10. To view your gifts up close, click here. 

  1. For which expenditures can I use my company card? Where else, besides my company expenditures, can I use my company card?

    You can use your Garanti company cards for all your purchases that you make for your company.

  2. Which one of the Garanti Company Cards suit me the best? How can I apply for this card and is there an annual fee for it?

    By answering our survey, you can find out the most suitable card for your company.

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