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How can I apply for the card or package that will be completely created by me?

With Flexi, you can create your own package or apply for one of the ready-made packages. To create your own package, you can use the internet application at that we have developed for you and have fun while you are creating the card that you want. To get one of Flexi's ready-made packages, you can submit your request through Internet Banking,, 444 0 333 Alo Garanti or the nearest Garanti Branch.

  1. How can I create the visual of my Flexi Card?

    You can determine your card visual by selecting one of the 6 different standard Flexi visuals.

  2. I receive my account summary late / don't receive my account summary. How can I keep track of my debt to prevent late payments?

    Your account summary is sent to your statement address the day after the account statement date.

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