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Can I get information about the Choose Merchant and Choose Sector campaigns?

You can select a maximum of 3 merchants in the Choose Merchant campaign. These do not have to be a Bonus Program Partner. If you select a merchant that is a Bonus Program Partner, the extra installments or bonus you select is added to the installments or bonus offered by the Bonus Program Partner.
E.g.: If you select  a Bonus Program Partner as one of the 3 merchants and want 1 extra installment, that 1 extra installment is added on top of the installments offered at this merchant. (Added on top of the standard installments, not the installments offered during campaigns.) If you select a merchant outside Bonus Program Partners, it reflects on your Flexi Card as 1+1 extra = 2 installments.

You can apply for the Choose Merchant campaign via internet. If you don't see the merchant that you want when you are making your application, you can not include that merchant. However you can submit your suggestion by calling  444 0 333 Alo Garanti.

You can select 1 sector in the Choose Sector campaign. You earn extra installments or bonus at all merchants operating in the sector that you select. (Including Bonus Program Partners.)

Sector options:

  • Supermarket 
  • Fuel oil 
  • Apparel (Including jewelery and watch stores) 
  • Health (Including Pharmacies) 
  • White Appliances / Electronics
  • Tourism (Including car rental, airlines, transportation, hotels and travel agencies) 
  • Restaurant (Including entertainment and sports) 
  • Education (Including stationaries)
  • Furniture
  • Expenditures abroad (Including purchases made via websites abroad)
  • Telecommunication

The installments or bonus in the sector you select is added on top of the installments or bonus offered by Bonus Program Partners.

E.g: You selected 1 extra installment in the Apparel sector. If you are making a purchase at a program partner that offers 3 installments for Bonus Card it is reflected on your Flexi Card as 3+1 extra = 4 installments. If you are making a purchase outside program partners , it is reflected on your Flexi Card as 1+1 extra: 2 installments.

You can submit your request through 444 0 333 Alo Garanti and make the necessary changes.

Even if you purchase an electronic appliance from a supermarket, it is considered as the supermarket sector. In situations like that, the sector that the merchant operates in is taken into account.

  1. How can I create the visual of my Flexi Card?

    You can determine your card visual by selecting one of the 6 different standard Flexi visuals.

  2. I receive my account summary late / don't receive my account summary. How can I keep track of my debt to prevent late payments?

    Your account summary is sent to your statement address the day after the account statement date.

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