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How are collections made for contractual bill payments?

For automatic payment orders, the payment is carried out automatically from your account on the payment due date. When you do not have sufficient balance in your account, collection can also me made through your credit card.  The collection made through your credit card is reflected on your statement as cash advance transaction . Additionally, cash advance transaction interest is also reflected on your statement.  If you want the payments of your bills to be collected through your credit card when you do not have sufficient balance in your account, you can contact our nearest branch.
For automatic-limited agreements, automatic payment of the bill is made when the bill amount does not exceed the upper-limit that you have specified.
For manual agreements, you have to make the payment.

  1. Along with the automatic payment order that will be carried out through my credit card or my account, can I load units into my KGS or OGS device?

    To prevent future complications, it is mandatory to place an automatic payment order at the time of application.

  2. I have ported my GSM number to another operator. Will my automatic GSM bill payment order be valid?

    The automatic or manual payment order that you have placed before you have ported your number will only be valid for the bills that are issued or will be issued by your old operator and will not be in effect for your new operator.

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