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Customer CarelineYour satisfaction is our obligation

Customer Satisfaction Constitution

We, the people of Garanti, believe that our company and our customers deserve the best of everything. Having put our minds together in order to provide more perfect service and to grow along with the society of which we are a part, we have created the Garanti Customer Satisfaction Constitution.

Our word is our bond

We have promised ourselves and one another to abide by this constitution.


  • Article 1: The customer is the most important reason for our existence.
  • Article 2: A customer is a person who has the ability to cause us to gain or to lose another customer.
  • Article 3: A customer is a person whose needs are to be identified and to whom attention is to be given at all times.
  • Article 4: A customer is a person whose satisfaction should continue even after having been sold a product or service.
  • Article 5: Customer satisfaction is essential if we are to distinguish ourselves, keep ahead of our competitors, grow, and make a profit.
  • Article 6: Every customer has the right to receive quality service.
  • Article 7: Every Garanti employee is responsible for creating customer satisfaction and for ensuring that each customer says “Garanti thinks, creates, and acts for me. I feel confident when I’m with Garanti.”
  • Article 8: Every customer is a “Garanti customer”. No customer is to be provided less than complete, Garanti-quality service on the grounds that they are the customers of some other company, branch, or portfolio.
  • Article 9: Providing customers with timely information and channel them to the right person or unit  is the first prerequisite of customer satisfaction.
  • Article 10: Every customer has the right to complain about any product or service that they use.

You can call 444 0 333 Alo Garanti for your questions and requests, and 444 0 338 Customer Careline for your complaints.