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wap.garanti.com.tr is Garanti's Wap site. Through wap.garanti.com.tr:

  • You can follow the markets,
  • Get information about Garanti Bank services,
  • Perform your banking transactions via Mobile Banking.
  • To get information about wap.garanti.com.tr, submit your problems/requests or to receive assistance, you can call 444 0 333 Alo Garanti 24 hours a day.

You can perform many transactions via wap.garanti.com.tr:


You can send money from your mobile phone, perform money transfer/EFT and many payment transactions. Depending on your mobile phone model, you can easily perform your CepBank transactions by filling out a form on wap.garanti.com.tr or with just a single SMS.


You can get information about Garanti Bank consumer loans, auto loans and mortgage products, apply for a 5-Minute Loan and do your loan calculations.


You can get information about Garanti Bank Credit Cards and instantly apply for the card you want.


You can view mutual fund, foreign currency and stock information, instantly access daily market reviews and do foreign exchange calculations with the foreign currency calculator.

Find ATM/Branch

By entering the traffic code of the city and the county that you are in, you can display the nearest Branches and Paramatiks.

Get Password

You can instantly get your Mobile/Internet Banking password and start performing your transactions.

Mobile Banking

You can perform your money transfer, payment, account, credit card and investment transactions through Mobile Banking. For further information, click here

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Perform your banking transactions on your mobile phone.Perform your banking transactions on your mobile phone.

Mobile Banking

Help and AdviceHelp and Advice

  • Which information regarding my credit cards can I change or correct via Internet Banking?

    You can make payments for other bank credit cards through the “Card Transactions / Other Bank Cards” step in Internet Banking. Find out more

  • Where can I make my credit card payments?

    You can find out the Payment Points from this list. Find out more