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Sets global standards as a benchmarkSets global standards as a benchmark

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Annual Report 2013Annual Report 2013PDF(12 MB)
Annual Report 2012Annual Report 2012Annual Report 2012PDF(12 MB)
Sustainability Report 01/2011-06/2012Sustainability Report 01/2011-06/2012PDF(2 MB)
Annual Report 2011Annual Report 2011Annual Report 2011PDF(6,73 MB)
Annual Report 2010Annual Report 2010Annual Report 2010PDF(7,16 MB)
Sustainability Review 2010Sustainability Review 2010PDF(3,42 MB)
Annual Report 2009Annual Report 2009Annual Report 2009PDF(1,89 MB)
Corporate Social Responsibility Projects '09Corporate Social Resposibility Projects 2009PDF(5,01 MB)
Annual Report 2008Annual Report 2008Annual Report 2008PDF(1,89 MB)
Annual Report 2007Annual Report 2007Annual Report 2007PDF(1,43 MB)
Annual Report 2006Annual Report 2006Annual Report 2006PDF(5,16 MB)
Annual Report 2005Annual Report 2005PDF(8,76 MB)
Annual Report 2004Annual Report 2004PDF(827 KB)
Annual Report 2003Annual Report 2003PDF(836 KB)
Annual Report 2002Annual Report 2002PDF(860 KB)

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  • 24 July 14Garanti Bank 1H14 Financial Results
  • 10-11 July 14BNP Paribas Leaders of Turkish Finance Conference– New York , USA
  • 09-10 July 14Morgan Stanley GEMs Conference – New York , USA

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